How To Create A Solar Still

Just in case you don't know how to create a solar still...

Types Of Campfires

Campfires are the best. They are especially awesome when it's cold! The following graphic shows different types of campfires you can construct next time you are out in the wilderness. 

Different Types of Campfires

Zombie First Aid Humor

Just some zombie apocalypse humor folks! Then again...if you did get bit by a zombie, this might actually be the only solution. Unless of course being a zombie has always been your life long dream...

In case you get bit by a zombie...

Earthquake Scenario Infographic

In case of an earthquake, run around screaming like a madman...Just Kidding! Check out the following infographic about what to do in an earthquake situation.

Mammal Scat of North America

This infographic is gross but if you get lost in the North American wilderness at least you will be able to identify animal poop. How is that even beneficial in any way? Well, if you know what bear crap looks like then you'll know not to stay in that particular area. [Update: Somebody recently made the comment that the best thing to see is large predator scat! Why? More food. Makes sense. I just wouldn't sleep anywhere nearby...then again, with the right weapons and skills...bring it on!]

Disclaimer: This Blog Is Not Responsible For Dumb People Getting Eaten By Wolverines!

Mammal Scat Infographic

If Urine Could Talk...

If your pee looks dark...hydrate! Seriously though, if your urine is not clear then it probably means that you don't have enough fluids in you...and no, beer doesn't count. Alcohol actually dehydrates the body folks.