Common Sense Storm Survival Tips

The following storm survival infographic is a public service announcement by the Philippine National Police. It is quite basic and contains tips that any person with common sense should know. Should know....

Infographic on Surviving a Storm

DIY Emergency Roadside Car Kit

Noticed this infographic while navigating the wonderful world of the internet.  I have bad luck with cars so seeing this reminded me that having an emergency roadside car kit is important. Check it out!

Emergency Roadside Car Kits Infographic

How To Fillet A Fish

Do you know how to fillet a fish? If you do then that's great! If not, make sure to read the following infographic to learn how.
Infographic On How To Fillet A Fish

Types Of Campfires

Campfires are the best. They are especially awesome when it's cold! The following graphic shows different types of campfires you can construct next time you are out in the wilderness. 

Different Types of Campfires

Zombie First Aid Humor

Just some zombie apocalypse humor folks! Then again...if you did get bit by a zombie, this might actually be the only solution. Unless of course being a zombie has always been your life long dream...

In case you get bit by a zombie...