What Is Homesteading?

Chickens at a Homestead

Homesteading is a great idea for those that wish to go off grid.  Some people have chosen to leave the big cities and the suburbs in exchange for an alternative lifestyle.  However, living away from the world of consumerism means having to live a self-sufficient life.  Homesteading involves having to grow your own food and be willing to live independently from the rest of the world.  Many would say it is healthier because growing your own food for example means that you know exactly what you are taking into your body.  You live a life where you have to be active and constantly doing something productive because your survival literally depends on it.  As a homesteader, your goal is to not have to depend on the system.  The goal is to be able to sustain yourself and your family.

Not everybody can see themselves as homesteaders.  In the past, people didn’t have a choice.  But advancements in technology, however, have made it easier for people to leave the life of self-sustainability in exchange for a world of consumerism.  Mass production is responsible for these shifts but it cannot last forever.  In exchange for a higher standard of living, we have plundered our planet’s resources and destroyed our ecosystem.  This style of living is not sustainable and it won’t last forever.  The end of suburbia is near.  This is why we have a new generation of folks that wish to reverse this destructive behavior.  A new wave of people are choosing to no longer follow the doctrine of capitalism and are seeking out alternatives.

Many people want to be free of the system.  The typical 9-5 job is no longer enough to support an average family. People are realizing that being dependent on the system or the government just translates to economic slavery.  Maybe we are not literally chained and being forced to work but it sure feels like we live in a state of arrested development.  Homesteading is a positive alternative and should be highly considered by everyone.   Corporations who hold a monopoly in certain markets, especially the food industry, are doing everything that they can to keep us reliant on their products.  They do not want you to grow your own food and store your own seeds because then they lose profit.  They want to make money off you but if you are homesteading, then they don’t make anything.

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There are different levels of homesteading but the goal of becoming more self-sufficient is the same.  Believe it or not, but some have even begun homesteading in their small apartments by using a little bit of creativity.  For example, small window gardens are becoming more popular and they are a perfect for growing herbs and vegetables.  In addition to that, you can support your local organic farmers by purchasing directly from them.  You can also volunteer at a community garden or a local project that supports the cause of homesteading.  Recycling and re-purposing items is also important because part of the homesteading movement is living an eco-friendly lifestyle.  It is not necessary to own a lot of land in order to homestead.  Anybody can do it with a little dedication and creativity.

The Wood Duck [Infographic]

Some fascinating facts about the wood duck from the folks at outdoorsnews.com. Did you know that they can fly at 60 days old?

The Wood Duck

6 Weird but Very Interesting Urban Survival Tips!

6 Weird but Very Interesting Urban Survival Tips!

We have heard of many interesting tips that you can utilize if you are in a post–apocalyptic world, but these just top the list.  They are not in any specific order because they are all just very unique (the last two however are something else…very unique).  Enjoy!

1.    Instead of carrying a typical bug-out-bag or survival backpack, carry your supplies in a guitar case.  Who would suspect that you have supplies in there?  If anything, people aka raiders will probably have pity on you and not try to steal your items.  Just hope they don’t ask you to play them a song.

2.    Even if you don’t smoke cigarettes, carry a pack with you in your survival kit. Why?  Because you can easily barter with them and you can use them to establish friendly relationships.  We recommend that you not smoke cigarettes because they actually decrease your level of energy and stamina but hey, to each their own.

3.    Did you know that you can use a regular crayon like a candle?  A crayon will burn for about half an hour! Just stand it up and light the tip as if it were a normal candle.   That baby will burn for a while and give you the light you need to write your last love letter to your sweetheart.  Okay, that was morbid, but hey…you gotta let em know how much you love them before the zombies get you.

4.    Stock up on acid reducers like pepto bismol or tums.  In post-apocalyptia, water and food will most likely be highly contaminated and so upset stomachs will be a common thing.  Make sure to carry at least one bottle and a couple of pills so that you can pick yourself up or trade them with folks that need to go #2 bad…really bad.

5.    Got condoms handy? Aside from making sure the world doesn’t overpopulate too fast, condoms can be quite useful.  For one, they make great water storage containers.  Believe it or not but they can hold a lot of water.  They also make good fire starters.  A latex condom will burn efficiently.  In addition to that, we read somewhere that somebody once used a condom to make a slingshot.  Who knows.  Try it out and tell us about it!

 6.    Tampons can also save your life.  Yes….tampons.  There are several uses for a tampon.  One of the most obvious is the cotton that can be used as tinder to help you start a warm fire.  Also, if it comes with a plastic wrapper, that can be used as a fishing bobber if you leave an air bubble inside and tie it. We have also heard that you can use the plastic applicator with cotton stuffed inside as a filtering straw. Crazy.

So there it is.  These weird but very interesting urban survival tips and tricks can possibly save your life one day.  Hope you don’t ever have to try any of these things but nonetheless, good to know.  So don’t be frustrated if all you have on you are condoms and tampons…they apparently can be very useful in a sticky situation.

Luxurious Survival Bunker for $17.5 Million!

There are contractors out there that have rebuilt old nuclear silos that can house an entire community of people.  Prices range from thousands of dollars to the millions.  If you have that kind of money and are willing to move to Tifton, Georgia then by all means.  The bunker we are talking about is no regular doomsday bunker.  It is a shelter that can withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear blast thanks to its design. This is definitely a prepper’s dream come true.

The 17.5 million dollar bunker has two stories with 12 bedrooms.  Its three foot concrete walls are ready to withstand anything. You get your own private water supply plus a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system.  In addition to that, a dedicated solar powered system will ensure that you do not stay in the dark, granted that the sun is still shining outside.

If you are a millionaire, then lucky you.  The rest of us however will be content with setting up our tents out in the wilderness in case of an economic collapse or takeover an abandoned house in post-apocalyptia.

Disinfect Water With Bleach [Infographic]

Be careful when trying to disinfect water with household bleach. Measurements have to be correct when attempting this so the folks at prepforshtf.com have created an infographic to help. There are plenty of other ways to purify water such as boiling but if you don't have the means to do this and have regular bleach lying around, remember this info.
Treating Water With Bleach!